Niamh Twomey creates paintings about painting. Painting in an abstract or formless manner enables the exploration of painting and interpretation by removing the subject matter and delving into the content.

Twomey’s paintings are textured to the point of becoming relief. By building up material to create textures and using pigmented varnish she creates pulsating hues of intense colour that pool, rests on and absorbs into the canvas. These textures aim to evoke sensory memory which allows the viewer to feel and experience the work by looking at it.

Twomey’s work explore how people interpret abstract paintings, how we (mis)understand what is in front of us. People have a tendency to look for familiar images within abstract work, instead of allowing the work to exist as an object itself.

The presence or absence of a recognisable image is not important. The canvas must be seen as an object, not as a window into another world. Twomey’s paintings are objects, not representation. The aim of these objects is to explore the medium of painting and the role our personal understanding and experience plays in our interpretation of what is in front of us.

Extended statement for Straticiem here.